My First Published Book on gramediana.COM

This is my first published book, Kano Putih dan Bangau-bangau. With UKM Penulis, I made my first book. And then, UKMP have a cooperate with gramediana.COM. 

Let me tell you about gramediana.COM. Ok, PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama is a part of Group of Book Publishing, Kompas Gramedia To establish an easy and comfortable access for the book lovers, PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama introduces gramediana.COM.

So, gramediana.COM is published book. gramediana.COM provides the services of e-books selling; printed books selling; via print on demand; author, publisher and reader community; as well as writing and publishing independent books; which are put together in an internet-based application.

gramediana.COM also facilitates the authors, publishers and readers to connect with each other event hough they are separated by distance and time.

For sure, you can go to my e-book. If you want to have her, you can buy her on gramediana.COM. This is link of Kano Putih dan Bangau-bangau. I think you are a very lucky man if you have her. :)

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